The HullabaZoo Quest Guide

The Quest is opening on Wednesday 18th at 8am SLT.  You can purchase your quest HUD at the entrance to the HullabaZoo event.

The quest is a fundraising event within HullabaZoo. You can purchase your quest HUD for 150L$ (goes to charity) – you’ll also receive a “Jubilee” Plushie Monkey to keep you company while doing the quest.  Everyone who finishes the quest will receive the prize swag – a booty of items donated by our wonderful creators.  You want to see some of the prizes?

As you make your way through the quest, completing the tasks, your HUD will record your progress and you will be able to logout and in again and pick up where you left off. The only occurrence that will lose your place is a hard crash (the sort that leaves you coming back not where you left or wearing something other than what you were wearing when you crashed) – there is nothing we can do about a hard crash loss of progress. You’ll just need to catch up again.

Your quest will start with a conversation with Jane Goodall (animesh version).

She has heard about a number of chimps in captivity that need rescuing and taking to Tchimpounga Rehab Centre. She doesn’t know where the chimps are being held and finding them forms most of the quest. She’s heard that a coffee farmer may know the whereabouts of the chimps. She suggests you go and speak to the local community leader to find out where the farmer is.  She sends you to the village.

There will be 16 steps/tasks to complete in the quest.  You can not skip steps and your should try to do them in order.  You must complete ALL the steps in order to claim the prizes.

You’ll start by hitting the “Start Button” on your HUD and that will take you to see Jane at the start of the quest.

  1. Jane Goodall
  2. Village Children
  3. Planting Crops
  4. Bee-keeper
  5. Billboard
  6. Community Leader
  7. Forest Hut Bag
  8. Forest Hut Teaching Materials
  9. Coffee Farmer
  10. Mine
  11. Research Facility Guard
  12. Torch
  13. Research Facility Care-taker
  14. Keys to the Cages
  15. Free the Chimps!
  16. Go to see Jane at Tchimpounga Rehab Centre to collect your prizes.


The blue spheres have information for you.
The text provided by the blue spheres and your HUD is a private message – only you will see it.  However, the default colour for this text is brown and that isn’t always the easiest to see in among other chat so…you can change the color in your viewer preferences (Object IM’s) if that is helpful.
You can purchase additional clues (all proceeds to charity).
Please DO NOT tell others the clues and puzzle solutions.  Let them figure stuff out for themselves or they can purchase clues. This includes chatter in groups or Discord servers.
Travelling around the sims you may be offered information about the Ippos Collective Sims….this does not form any part of the quest.

Video Guide (contains spoilers so if you want a fresh questing experience…don’t watch it!)