Our Chosen Charity

Every year HullabaZoo will choose a charity to donate to.  Having worked in large and small animal charities over the years it was really important to us that we choose charities that have a proven record of putting the money where it is most needed within their charitable focus.   Too many large charities use donated funds to pay bloated salaries or for activities that are contradictory to the charities aims.  Too many small charities waste their donations due to incompetence within the organisations.  HullabaZoo will scrutinize and choose the charities we donate to very carefully to ensure that all the funds raised by the event go to where they should.

For our inaugural 2020 event we have chosen the Jane Goodall Institute.

Jane Goodall is one of the world’s most famous conservationists and scientists. Her pioneering study of wild chimpanzees began 55 years ago in Tanzania and revolutionized how we think about both chimpanzees and ourselves. JGI UK makes a difference through programs involving:

  • Community Centred Conservation: Contributing to the preservation of chimpanzees and their habitats by combining conservation with education and promotion of sustainable livelihoods in local communities.
  • Primate Care and Research: through study of primates in the wild, and sanctuaries for orphans of the entertainment and bushmeat trades.
  • Environmental and Humanitarian Education: through Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots international youth education program which aims to inspire young people to take positive action on the environment on behalf of all the planet’s inhabitants

In addition, Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programme works in the US, Africa, and globally.