HullabaZoo is all about animals and creatures.  It's more than a shopping event and will have classes, a quest, contests, photo ops, parties, and more.  Best of all we're raising money for a great cause!  HullabaZoo is an annual event and we would love it to become the BIGGEST creature event of the year - one that you look forward to, get excited about and look forward to it's return each year!

HullabaZoo isn't a mainstream fashion event with an "animals" theme so you won't find zebra-print nails, or paw print T'shirts for human avatars.  You will find creature avatars, pets, rideables, props and mods as well as accessories and mods for those creatures.

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The team

Duchess Flux

Elf, Blogger, photographer, artist, roleplayer and unicorn.....
Threads & Tuneage

Owner of Enchantment Wanderlust Weekend & The Ippos Collective
Manager of The Liaison Collaborative
Brand Manager of Eudora3d, E.V.E , HEXtraordinary, Aleutia, Pure Poison, MINA and ChiMia
Designer Liaison for Pale Girl Productions

HullabaZoo Vendor and Event Manager

Cass (Brokenlovely)

Cass (Sorchiee or Sorcha) has been in Secondlife for almost eleven years and during that time went from owning and operating Epic Fantasy role play sims to being completely obsessed with all things fashion. The happy in-between of course would be Fantasy Fashions, her successful SL Fashion Blog. She owns and operates Enchantment and Wanderlust her best friend and partner, Duchess Flux.

HullabaZoo Event Manager

Dreamsphere Zeimer

CSR for Jinx, Cinnamon and Scarlet Fey stores, Social Media Guru for Enchantment.

HullabaZoo General Enquiries, resident feral cat.

Sugarfairy88 Resident

Sugarfairy is an avid blogger and sl artist who loves fantasy and science fiction.  It is her passion and hobby.  Each photo is an expression of her vast imagination and moods.
HullabaZoo Blogger Manager

Lil Cinnamon (Leel1980)

Owner of Cinnamon, creator of textures, mesh accessories and avatar mods.

Manager of VSteed

HullabaZoo Creature Manager, Logo Designer

Julala Demina

Owner of Jinx, creator of mesh and animesh creatures, avatars and accessories.

Manager of VSteed

HullabaZoo Class Manager, Website and Quest Developer and "behind-the-scenes busy bee"