2020 HullabaZoo – Final roundup

2020 HullabaZoo – Final roundup

What a fantastic first year of HullabaZoo!  We (that’s you too) should be super proud of what has just happened and what was achieved!

21 days – over 130 donation products from 54 Creature Creators!  1000’s of visitors – 1,053,413L$ in total raised for the Jane Goodall Institute!

205 “Questers” who raised 55450L$ to win 25 prizes donated by some of our HullabaZoo creators!

10 classes / events with a good turnout to all.

24 bloggers/vloggers who created 80 blog/vlog posts

We’ve received some wonderful feedback from you all and it certainly appears that you enjoyed this event, the Quest and the classes/events within it.

A HUGE thank you from the team to the creators, the bloggers and vloggers, and to every one of you who visited HullabaZoo, who donated and who helped make this event a wonderful success. 

What next?

We are currently in talks with the Jane Goodall Institute and Linden Lab working to find the best solution to transfer the funds to the charity.  We’ll let you know when that has happened and provide evidence.  We are committed to being transparent and open about how we’re working to ensure your money goes to where it was intended.

As such. we are currently looking at whether it is possible to ring-fence the funds from HullabaZoo to be used only for the specific programmes that JGI run (rather than administrative costs).  Because of this we’re not going to simply give over the money with no assurances of where and how that money will be spent.

With the current situation over the world with regards to Corona Virus, we are all aware that organisations are working with reduced staff and may be working with challenging situations and circumstances.  Over the last 3 weeks communication has been slow at times from both Linden Lab and JGI.  Please be assured that we are working to make sure things move smoothly if not hastily.

We’d love to hear from you and see what we can do to make HullabaZoo 2021 even better!


3 Responses

  1. Lollo Hienrichs says:

    Thanks vor your good job to everybody form the team. Stay healthy and safe.

  2. Thank you for the invite! This Event was so much fun. =)

  3. Ashlynn Mystphire says:

    THANK YOU!!! The event was amazing and a great idea. With the corona virus going around, you still found a way for people to interact and help the animals. Thank you to the team, to the creators, the bloggers, vloggers, teachers, and all who helped make this amazing event happen!! I was only a guest at the event but it was still awesome to see and be a part of. ♥

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